Child And Family Health Services – Proposed Model Of Care

11 August 2017

The PSA attended a meeting recently with Executive Management from Child and Family Health Services (CAFHS) at which the proposed Enhanced Service Delivery Framework Consultation Summary Report (here) was discussed.

The PSA was advised at this meeting that a paper would be provided to industrial bodies, staff and all stakeholders of the proposed Model of Care (here) based on the above summary report.

Details of how the proposed Model of Care will be operationalised will be developed following a consultative process. This document is not intended to articulate the operational detail. That detail will be progressed after feedback has been considered. The feedback period on this proposed Model of Care is open for six weeks until 15 September 2017.

the employer is required to consult with its employees and the PSA as per clause 2.6 “Consultative Processes” of the current EB, which the PSA negotiated in the EB. The PSA and the employer must have the opportunity to respond and the employer must be genuine in taking this into account.

Following this, a regular Industrial Forum will be established at which PSA representatives will be attending.

If you have any concerns or feedback regarding the proposal please email here.