Allied Health Assistants Recognised at Last – Do You Qualify?

18 July 2018

A new classification stream was introduced in your new Enterprise Agreement especially for Allied Health Assistants in the Department of Health. The reason for the change is to recognise the value of your work, provide access to a better career path and potentially lead to a wage increase. Fill in the survey to register yourself in this process here.

If you are a:

  •  Allied Health Assistant Occupational Therapy Assistant
  •  Activity Officer/Supervisor Paramedical Aid
  •  Arts and Wellness Officer Pharmacy Assistant
  •  Child Development Co-ordinator Physiotherapy Assistant/Attendant
  •  Child Youth Parent Support Placement or Welfare Officer/Worker
  •  Clinical Support Worker Podiatry Assistant
  •  Dietetic Assistant/ Monitor Radiography/Radiology Assistant
  •  Fitness Leader Recreation Co-ordinator
  •  Hydrotherapy Operator Rehabilitation Assistant
  •  Leisure and Lifestyle Assistant Speech Pathology Assistant
  •  Care Support Workers Peer Specialist/ Worker
  •  Carer Consultant Dental Assistant
  •  Community Rehab Worker Play Therapist
  •  Community Support Worker

You might be eligible to move from the OPS classification structure into the new Allied Health Assistants stream.

Not on the list?
The PSA is still in discussions with OPS and SA Health because we believe other groups of employees have clinical supervision or delegation by Allied Health Professionals. If you think you are one of those, fill in the survey (on line survey)

The PSA wants to make sure as many people as possible get the opportunity to move to the new classification stream to access a better career path that better values your work.

Please pass this on to other OPS staff and encourage them to fill in the survey and join the PSA. PSA members will have the protection of ensuring the process is carried out properly and the ability to dispute unsatisfactory outcomes.