National Corrections Day

Today is National Corrections Day. We recognise our hard-working members who contribute to the safeguarding of our community and the care and rehabilitation of those who find themselves on the wrong side of the law. more>

DCS - Directions to Cease Unsafe Work

The PSA has called on SafeWork SA to clarify its procedures and interpretations when inspecting worksites after directions to cease unsafe work are issued. more>

Government Agenda: Consult with you less, sack you more easily

The government announced its hostile anti-worker agenda for a new salaried enterprise agreement at the Enterprise Bargaining meeting held today. The government’s agenda is to minimise the influence members have on their daily working lives through consultation, make it easier to sack public servants, all while reducing your ability to dispute their mistakes. more>

CALHN - Central Adelaide Palliative Care Service Proposed Extension From Five to Seven Days

A proposal has been put forward by CALHN for CAPCS to move from a five day service to a seven day service to increase access to care for community patients on weekends and public holidays. more>

PSA Member Enterprise Bargaining Survey

Thank you to all members who participated in the PSA’s initial Enterprise Bargaining Survey. Survey participation was high and representative of the make up of our membership more broadly. more>

South Australian Country Fire Service Update

The PSA would like to acknowledge and thank SACFS staff and volunteers who have put their lives on hold to fight these fires and provide support to those affected in the community. No amount of ‘thank yous’ will come close to conveying our gratitude. On behalf of the PSA, we thank you for your work and your community spirit. more>

SA Health | NALHN Mental Health (NALHN MH) | Administration Support Review | Release of Executive Summary

NALHN MH has forwarded a copy of the Executive Summary of Recommendations from the Administrative Support Review to the Public Service Association (PSA). more>

SA Health | CALHN MH | Rehabilitation Redesign Project | Proposed Operational Guidelines and Staffing Structure | Member Feedback Sought

CALHN MH has invited the Public Service Association (PSA) to provide feedback about the Rehabilitation Redesign Project - Proposed Operational Guidelines And Staffing Structure. more>

GPO Tower – Proposed Health and Safety Work Group Structure

The Attorney General’s Department has invited Public Service Association (PSA) members to consult about the structure of work groups in the 10 Franklin Street building. more>