SA Not For Sale Campaign | Service SA Closure Decision Reversed!

A long-term campaign against the closure of three Service SA centres in Modbury, Mitcham and Prospect has resulted in the State Government announcing yesterday (29 June 2020) it will not proceed with its misconceived plan from 2018 state budget. more>

Renewal SA: Restructure to Include Job Cuts

Renewal SA announced on Monday 29 June 2020 that there will be job cuts totalling 8 FTE as a result of the updated restructure plan. They intend to do this by not renewing some staff contracts. more>

SSOs Can Retroactively Accrue Toil for the June Public Holiday

The Public Service Association (PSA) understands that some term-time SSOs were denied the opportunity to accrue and be paid TOIL for the public holiday on 9 June 2020 despite recent changes to the enterprise agreement which strengthened this employment condition from a privilege to a right. more>

South Australian Housing Authority | Portfolio Planning and Asset Management Structure Update

The South Australian Housing Authority (SAHA) wrote to the Public Service Association (PSA) advising of an intended review of the Property Development and Maintenance Division. more>

RDNS Enterprise Bargaining | Joint PSA and HSA Meetings Next Week

Members would have received an email from Silverchain management about the delay in Enterprise Bargaining due to COVID-19. more>

DPTI Update | All of Public Transport, Road Maintenance and Faciltiies Management in Private Hands | What Could Possibly go Wrong?

Following a Government decision last week to privatise All Of Government Facilities Management (AGFM), the level of privatisation in the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) is now so high that it is in danger of fundamentally changing the role of the department from providing the public with high quality transport and infrastructure systems to managing private contracts. This will mean the community completely loses the history, skills and expertise of over 1,000 staff, including over 350 salaried positions, as members move from secure jobs to insecure work and poor working conditions or into a future of unemployment. more>

New PSA Member Benefits Program Starts Soon

Our new PSA Member Benefits Program – accessed through the PSA Plus Ambassador Card – starts from 1 July 2020. Members will be able to enjoy significant savings on dining, travel, entertainment and much more – subject of course to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. more>

TAFE SA PSA Update: Covid-19; Multiple Restructure Dispute; Local Workload Consultative Forums

Your Public Service Association (PSA) Organiser and your PSA Worksite Representatives (WSRs) continue to support and advocate for TAFE SA PSA members in a number of areas. This Information Update contains the latest information on those matters. more>

SA Pathology | Substantial Executive Leadership Changes Proposed

SA Pathology has proposed a major restructure of the Executive Leadership team. The proposed changes are substantial and would affect many management and governance lines. more>

Are You on a Contract? System Performance Division Restructure Update

The Public Service Association (PSA) has concerns about term contract staff within the System Performance Division who have been advised that their contracts will end on 26 June 2020. The PSA has sought an extension of all term contracts while the restructure consultation takes place. The PSA considers ending employment of contract staff constitutes implementation of the restructure, which should not occur until consultation has been finalised. more>