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Your Enterprise Agreement – Will You Be An EB Ambassador?

12 December 2016

The PSA has now held the first sessions for those Worksite Representatives and members who responded to our recent call for members to nominate as EB Ambassadors.

More sessions for EB Ambassadors will be held through 2017. PSA EB Ambassadors will be the key link between PSA members and their EB negotiating team. The sessions are designed to encourage and support EB Ambassadors through information, education and opportunities for feedback.

We urge all Worksite Representatives and any interested members to register to become a PSA EB Ambassador here: http://cpsu.asn.au/CAMPAIGN/psa-eb-ambassador-registration

The PSA has developed a document called “Key Points for PSA EB Ambassadors” to inform EB Ambassadors and to assist them engage with members through the EB process. You can find the document here.

We have also developed a document titled “What you have told us”. This document contains the principles and themes that emerged from our extensive membership meetings and survey earlier this year. This document will guide the development of our specific claims and the PSA's negotiating position. You can find that document here.

Before Christmas the PSA will send both these documents to all PSA members. It is part of our commitment to engage with members through this round of enterprise bargaining.

Consider nominating as a PSA EB Ambassador today!