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What Action Will You Take to Support a Fair, Protective Agreement?

23 August 2017

Pledge Your Support And Fill In The Survey

From last week PSA Organisers have been visiting members and holding meetings in agencies and worksites to update you about the current state of the Enterprise Agreement negotiations; to ask you to sign a pledge; and to ask what you are willing to do to put pressure on the Government to negotiate a clear, equitable, fair, consistent, enforceable agreement.

The negotiation process is intensifying. We will not be able to talk to everyone within the next week or two which is why we are now surveying all members to confirm your views about what you and your colleagues are willing to do to achieve a respectful agreement.

Please fill in the survey by clicking here.

In the worksite meetings held so far, members have clearly said that a 1.5% wage increase is insulting, unfair and unreasonable (and out of step with other public sector agreements). Members are angry that the Government has said NO to your PSA proposals after weeks of negotiations.

We need to put pressure on the Government to move their position. Fill in the survey to pledge your support for a fair, protective Enterprise Agreement and to let us know what you are willing to do to achieve it. If you have already attended a meeting feel welcome to complete the survey as well. The survey is (here).

Ask your colleagues to join the PSA
The more people who are members of the PSA, the better agreement we can get. Please encourage your colleagues to join by talking with your PSA Worksite Representative, your PSA EB Ambassador, or online (here).

Are you on Facebook?
Like the PSA Facebook page to connect with events, news and member action (here), or search for Public Service Association of SA Inc.