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PSA Recommends Voting ‘YES’

20 December 2017

The PSA is recommending members support the government’s proposal for a new salaried agreement.

PSA members’ objectives for a new agreement have been achieved.

Most of the PSA’s proposals – based on what members told us – are now included in the proposed agreement.

A summary of what members have achieved in the proposed new agreement can be found here.

PSA members can be proud of having achieved many new and improved conditions – and having those conditions protected in a much stronger agreement.

And now is the time for all those who will benefit from the improved and protected conditions to join their colleagues in the PSA. After all, everyone benefits from the hard work of PSA members!

Please note: the indicative wage increases and salaries the PSA issued yesterday included a comparison line in each classification level of the government’s position of a 1.5% wage increase. The purpose of including this comparison line is to indicate to members the difference between the government’s recent position of a 1.5% wage increase for everyone, and what PSA members achieved.