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PSA Accepts Terms of Offer for New Enterprise Agreement | Government Opens Ballot - PSA Recommends Voting ‘YES’

20 December 2017

The Government has today issued a proposed Enterprise Agreement and opened the ballot.

The proposed new Enterprise Agreement has been checked by the PSA and contains all the matters agreed in principle with the PSA.

The ballot process is formally conducted by the Government. Most members will have received instructions from their agency on how the ballot is being conducted in their agency.

The PSA has prepared the following documents for members to assist in considering and understanding the proposed Enterprise Agreement:

The vast majority of the PSA’s original proposals have been agreed and are included in the proposed Enterprise Agreement. There are around 350 new or amended clauses and sub clauses – all of which go to protecting and improving PSA members’ job security and conditions, and protecting the safety of those conditions, and the integrity of your agreement. This is particularly important given the prospect of an uncertain political and industrial environment next year.

Members told us you required an agreement which included job security, a fair wage rise, protection from unreasonable workloads, expressed in clear and unambiguous terms for consistency of implementation, and with provision for fair and consistent classification.

The PSA leadership, PSA Council, and PSA Worksite Representatives have all unanimously resolved that, based on the terms of offer from the government, our objectives have been met for this round of enterprise bargaining.

Members can be satisfied that all reasonable avenues have been explored and, when considered as a total package of wages and conditions, the proposed Enterprise Agreement represents a great achievement for PSA members.

The ballot is open until 5:00pm on Monday 15 January 2018. If the vote is successful the Agreement will proceed to the South Australian Employment Tribunal for approval. Once this has been completed, the new wage rates will apply and will be back paid to the first full pay period in October 2017.

The PSA will continue to issue more detailed EB Updates which will deal with the specifics of the proposed Enterprise Agreement and explain what it means for PSA members.