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Last Chance to Vote for the New Enterprise Agreement - Voting Closes Today | The PSA Recommends Voting ‘YES’

15 January 2018

The ballot for the new salaried Enterprise Agreement closes at 5:00pm today, 15 January 2018. The PSA is recommending members support the government’s proposal for a new salaried agreement.

If you have not voted already, make sure you have your say on your employment conditions by casting your vote. Members who have not received voting information should contact their ballot officer. Ballot officer details can be found here.

If the majority of voters vote yes, the new Enterprise Agreement will move to the approval stage in the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET). Once approved, the new Enterprise Agreement will come into immediate effect. The PSA expects that the new salary rates will be applied from the first full pay period after approval, with back pay from the first full pay period in October 2017 to come in the pay cycles following that.

The PSA has prepared several documents for members to assist in considering and understanding the proposed Enterprise Agreement:

Members should be proud of what they have been able to achieve in this round of enterprise bargaining and should feel confident that they have an Agreement which provides strong protections of their employment conditions as we head into an uncertain political and industrial future.

With the conditions that are on the table and the wage outcome provided, the PSA believes that the offer represents an excellent deal for PSA Members, and one worth voting ‘yes’ for.

The PSA continues to hold enterprise bargaining meetings at worksites to go through the specifics of the proposed Enterprise Agreement and explain what it means for PSA members. If you would like a meeting to be held at your worksite please contact youragreement@cpsu.asn.au.