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15 December 2016

The formal process of Enterprise Bargaining commenced today, with the holding of a Single Bargaining Centre (SBC) meeting.

The PSA was represented by General Secretary Nev Kitchin, Assistant General Secretary Natasha Brown, Strategic Adviser David Stevens and Senior Industrial Officer Austin White.

Nev Kitchin outlined PSA members’ expectations by issuing the following statement:

The PSA has received a copy of the Notice of Intention to Negotiate an Enterprise Agreement.

The PSA has been consulting widely with members about this intended enterprise agreement and will continue to do so.

PSA members have made clear their expectations for this round of negotiations.

Members have told us the most important things to them are:

  • Job protection
  • Wages and conditions
  • Workload
  • Consistency in the application of enterprise agreement classification structures
  • Consistency of application of enterprise agreement and CPSE Determinations

The PSA will be pursuing clear, equitable, fair, consistent and enforceable provisions in a single enterprise agreement that deals with these and a number of other issues that members have identified as being important to them.

We have been reviewing the entire current enterprise agreement with a view to minimising or eliminating ambiguity in the interpretation of clauses and ensuring that all clauses dealing with conditions and protections for PSA members are clear and enforceable.

The PSA will be seeking enterprise agreement provisions that will be unambiguous in their interpretation and application, irrespective of the Department or Agency in which an employee works.

In relation to a wage outcome, the PSA does not accept the limitation of 1.5% announced by the Treasurer in the last budget.

The PSA will continue to consult with PSA members as issues arise. We are expecting members to continue to contribute their valuable feedback while negotiations are progressing.

We look forward to achieving an enterprise agreement which meets our members' needs and expectations.

The General Secretary's statement today reflects the feedback received from over 400 member meetings and the membership-wide survey undertaken during the first half of this year. This extensive membership engagement led to the development of a document titled 'What you have told us'. This document contains the principles and themes that emerged and will guide the development of our specific claims and the PSA's negotiating position. A copy of the 'What you have told us' document is available here.

For more information on the current enterprise bargaining process please contact a PSA EB Ambassador or PSA Worksite Representative.

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