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Enterprise Agreement Ballot Result – A Resounding ‘YES’

22 January 2018

Voting for the new Enterprise Agreement closed last week. Late Friday afternoon the PSA was advised of the outcome.

The ballot saw an 88.5% vote in favour of the new Enterprise Agreement from a high level of participation.

The PSA welcomes this outcome and congratulates all members on successfully reaching another milestone in your Enterprise Bargaining campaign.

With the majority of voters voting ‘Yes’, the new Enterprise Agreement will now move to the approval stage in the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET). Once approved, the new Enterprise Agreement will come into immediate effect. The PSA expects that the new salary rates will be applied from the first full pay period after approval, with back pay from the first full pay period in October 2017 to come in the pay cycles following that.

PSA members can be proud of having achieved many new and improved conditions – and having those conditions protected in a much stronger agreement.

The PSA has prepared several documents for members to assist in considering and understanding the new Enterprise Agreement:

Members will be kept up to date with the approval process as information is made available.