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EB General Meeting: PSA Presses Government

11 September 2017

The PSA sought responses from the government to matters raised in our most recent letters to the Minister at the EB General Meeting held last Thursday.

The PSA had written to the Minister for the Public Sector on 22 August 2017 (here) in response to the government’s entirely inadequate response to our initial letter of 4 August. A copy of the correspondence can be found here.

During last Thursday’s meeting the government advised to a change of their representatives for negotiating the salaried agreement.

However, government representatives, despite the PSA pressing for a response, were unable to confirm whether they had the necessary formally delegated authority and the necessary instructions to reach agreement in principle with the PSA in these negotiations.

The PSA pressed for a response on whether the government had done any costings on any of the 29 efficiencies, savings and productivity improvements proposed by the PSA. Government did not confirm that they had done any costings.

The PSA continues to encourage government to seriously consider and respond to our reasonable proposals developed on the basis of what members told us they require in a new agreement.

The determination consistently expressed by our members to achieve a fair and respectful agreement continues to drive and strengthen the PSA’s approach to these negotiations.

Members will be kept informed as the bargaining process continues.