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28 September 2017

DCSI members may have seen a DCSI Update on the state of negotiations for your enterprise agreement.

The DCSI Update appears to be based on incomplete and not-agreed draft summary notes which reflect the government’s position at an EB General Meeting held on 7 September 2017.

Since that EB General meeting the government has reconsidered its position on your PSA EB proposals. The PSA has now met with government representatives on several occasions to discuss your PSA proposals. This followed the PSA roundly rejecting the position the government put at the EB General Meeting of 7 September.

PSA members’ commitment to pursuing our proposals, along with PSA Ministerial approaches appear to have moved the government to reconsider its position. There now appears to be some scope for movement on some of our proposals.

We expect negotiations to continue on your PSA proposals – and we expect government to consider them seriously.

By the way, the DCSI Update proposes two pay rises on 1 October 2019. While the PSA would welcome a double pay rise in October 2019, this proposal has not yet been tabled by government in negotiations.

Your union will keep you informed of any progress in negotiations. In the meantime, we won’t be limited by the short-sighted blinkered approach government has brought to these negotiations.