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Enterprise Bargaining – Negotiations Continue

19 June 2017

The government must respond in detail to the PSA’s proposals, PSA representatives said at the enterprise bargaining general meeting held Thursday 15 June 2017.

The government has now had seven weeks to consider its response to the PSA’s proposals which were tabled on 28 April 2017.

The PSA confirmed in the meeting last Thursday that it stood ready to engage in intensive and constructive negotiations with the object of reaching agreement in a timely manner.

The PSA has also written to the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment requesting an immediate increased and intensive focus on the negotiations. A copy of the PSA letter is (here).

At last Thursday’s meeting the PSA also requested that any reviews of current CPSE Determinations or Guidelines – or the issuing of any new ones - occur only after negotiations for the enterprise agreement had concluded.

Proposals for PSA Correctional Officer members are currently being considered by Worksite Representatives and members and are close to being ready for tabling.

Membership feedback to the PSA proposals and approach continues to be overwhelmingly positive. All feedback has been fully considered and the document will be revised internally as the process continues. Please note that the PSA is not editing or updating our published proposals as we go in order to avoid the potential for unnecessary confusion.

The PSA continues to encourage members to become familiar with the proposals, to discuss them with your colleagues, and to demonstrate your support for the proposals.