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EB General Meeting: PSA Presses Government

The PSA sought responses from the government to matters raised in our most recent letters to the Minister at the EB General Meeting held last Thursday. more>

Enterprise Bargaining – Update for DCS Correctional Officers

PSA Enterprise Bargaining (EB) proposals specific for Correctional Officers and the DCS management EB agenda were the subject of a meeting between PSA, DCS, and Government representatives on Monday 28 August 2017. more>

What Action Will You Take to Support a Fair, Protective Agreement?

From last week PSA Organisers have been visiting members and holding meetings in agencies and worksites to update you about the current state of the Enterprise Agreement negotiations; to ask you to sign a pledge; and to ask what you are willing to do to put pressure on the Government to negotiate a clear, equitable, fair, consistent, enforceable agreement. more>

Enterprise Bargaining – The Next Phase

Enterprise agreement negotiations are now entering a new phase. This follows the government confirming it does not agree to any of the PSA’s proposals. Government representatives have not acknowledged any merit in your PSA EB proposals - which include 29 savings, efficiencies and productivity improvements and more than 40 protections for members at no cost to government - and have dismissed them without genuine consideration. more>

Enterprise Bargaining Update - Where Things Stand

The PSA summarised the current state of enterprise agreement negotiations in yesterday’s Salaried Enterprise Bargaining General Meeting by tabling the following statement. more>