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Wages Parity EB Negotiations - We're Not There Yet

There are a number of outstanding matters which remain the subject of negotiations – and some of these remaining matters are significant for members. more>

EB Negotiations – Now we are Getting Somewhere

PSA members’ proposals for a new enterprise agreement continue to be the subject of serious consideration in EB negotiations. more>

Industrial Action Deferred – For Now

Industrial actions about to begin across our PSA membership are being deferred for one week. This is because the government has started to consider your PSA EA proposals seriously. more>

Action Starts Now – It’s Time to Ramp up the Pressure

Stop work meetings, work bans and a rally at Parliament House next month were supported and authorised at a meeting of PSA Worksite Representatives and EB Ambassadors today. more>

DCSI - Your EB: What’s Really Happening

DCSI members may have seen a DCSI Update on the state of negotiations for your enterprise agreement.The DCSI Update appears to be based on incomplete and not-agreed draft summary notes which reflect the government’s position at an EB General Meeting held on 7 September 2017. more>