The union has affiliations with other labour organsiations providing significant advantages to you.


The Community and Public Sector Union (SPSF Group) SA Branch is the federally registered body representing PSA members.


It’s important to participate in the federal arena because many state funding issues are determined there.  It’s vital for our members to have a strong, national voice.


The difference between the affiliation with the CPSU and other affiliations is that each individual PSA member elects to join the CPSU when they join the PSA, rather than the PSA joining as an organisation.


There is no additional cost to you to be part of the CPSU.

SA Unions

SA Unions is the peak union body in South Australia and plays a vital role in representing the labour movement, including other public sector unions. SA Union delegates meet monthly and you may attend as a “proxy” for a delegate, or as an observer.


Please contact us if you’d like to attend meetings.


As part of the CPSU we’re affiliated with the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), which entitles us to send delegates to the ACTU Congress.


Representation within the ACTU allows input by state public sector workers into an extremely important decision-making forum.  The CPSU (SPSF Group) is represented on the ACTU Executive.


Political Affiliations

The PSA is NOT affiliated with any political party.  This ensures the union can confront and deal effectively with industrial issues, no matter which party forms government.