SA Library Members Celebrate Milestone Win

Members of the State Library SA (SLSA) have today celebrated a milestone win in their fight to force the employer to remove the threatened 20 positions that were potentially to become surplus to requirements as a result of a proposed restructure.

The initiation of industrial action began in September 2016. As a result of ongoing frustrations and lack of resolution, in early December members endorsed escalating this action to include rolling stop work meetings.

As a consequence of this united front, assurances have been obtained from the SLSA that the consultation on proposed changes will recommence with a clean slate from February 2017, 20 threatened positions will be retracted and all employees who were advised that they were potentially surplus will have that advice retracted.

Protection in Numbers has been proven to deliver results. Well done to those members in the SLSA who have stood united through this whole dispute. Also thanks to numerous members and friends that signed the petition to save the Library.


Say NO to ICT Privatisation

The Weatherill Government is looking to outsource Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) and data services across the public sector. While specific details have not yet been provided, the Public Service Association (PSA) has real fears that this could include sensitive information from departments such as Health, Child Protection and Education.

Currently, public sector staff working within ICT need police and other stringent clearances to access this information.

If ICT and data services was outsourced from the public sector, who would be able to access you and your family's sensitive personal information?

PSA members employed in ICT services are greatly concerned about not only the loss of security for personal data but also the exorbitant costs often charged by ICT giants managing this information - costs that will no doubt be borne by the SA public.

Say NO to outsourcing of ICT services. Sign the petition and tell the Government to keep our data in the right hands.