The PSA is currently campaigning to protect essential public services from state government budget cuts and privatisations.

The September 2018 State Budget included wide-ranging budget cuts that will ultimately see the loss of 4000 public sector jobs and restructures aimed at growing private sector involvement in the public sector.

I am Essential

Our I am Essential campaign is highlighting the important work done by PSA members across the public service. The state government's budget cuts are threatening the programs our members run, in many cases, to achieve minimal short-term budget savings.

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SA Not for Sale

The State Government is in the process of selling off the Adelaide Remand Centre to private operators and is laying the groundwork for the privatisation of more essential public services. The PSA opposes privatisation of public services and assets.

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Secure jobs in the public service

The number of casual and short-term contract workers in the public sector is increasing. Insecure work negatively impacts on workers in a range of ways.

As public sector workers, we provide essential services for the community. We work to provide security for vulnerable south Australians, through provision of healthcare, education, housing, and social support everyday.

But for many of us the impact of rolling short-term contracts and casual employment means we can't get a home loan or plan to start a family.

We don't want to stop serving our community or move elsewhere.

To provide quality services for the public, we need secure jobs for our future.

Secure jobs mean more security for South Australia's most vulnerable.

The PSA is campaigning for the end of unfair contracts and for job security for our members.

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